We Are EDB

Welcome to Equity Diamond Brokers.

With three generations of family members leading our team, we strive for these goals….integrity, value and quality.

These three concepts have worked for Equity Diamond Brokers for over 40 years. Ever changing, we are dedicated to bringing our customers creative and unique jewelry at a competitive price. From the classic to the extraordinary, Equity Diamond Brokers provides both superior selection and superior pricing.

We literally travel the world in search of the best value and craftsmanship.

We always purchase with price point and sale-ability in mind. Qualities you will find evident when selling our jewelry.

We strive to build both honest and transparent relationships with our clients.

As you work with us, you will soon learn why we have the privilege of serving a customer base that reaches from coast to coast.

Thank you for visiting us, we sincerely look forward to working with your business!